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Last week while preparing to leave for a trip, Susan discovered that one of my Blythes, Willow, was hanging out in her CraftyTown. She’s been there for months and neither Susan nor I realized it. D’oh! This inspired me to get the rest of my girls unpacked, having been boxed up for the duration of our moves during mid and late 2013.

Several of them were looking pretty box-haired, so I did a couple of hair treatments to get them back to looking nice again.

Dolly hair day

Dahlia has had a few hair treatments from me in the past, so hers was pretty easy and quick. All her hair is one length, which makes washing easier (though drying is a bit goofy, as you can see).

Dolly hair day

Maude desperately needed some help – her hair was still a little greasy from the factory and I hadn’t made time to wash it yet since getting her. Her hair was also a bit wonky in terms of cut, so I took this opportunity to trim her bangs to a straighter line (they look a bit off in this pic because some of them are drier than others).

Dolly hair day

Finally, Turtle got her first hair treatment (I think) from me. The way her hair is rooted/thatched is different than the Blythes, which makes it lay the way it’s supposed to pretty easily (with the exception of parts of her bangs).

The Girls

Then I finally got some clothes on them all! Going through my Blythe wardrobe alerted me to a few projects I want to work on: Middie knits and dresses, more skirts (both knit and sewn), more cardis, and more knit accessories (scarves, shawls, etc.). Hooray for inspiration! What are you making for your Blythes lately?



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  1. Oooh, I love Turtle’s hair, both cut and color! Super cool!
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