FO Friday: pink and green and yellow quilt

This is a child’s quilt that I started ages ago and finally finished recently.

pink/yellow/green quilt for Isobel

It’s a simple subway tile style pattern that I sort of made up as I went – I’ve done four quilts in this style and I really like the way they turned out.

pink/yellow/green quilt for Isobel

I used this quilt as an opportunity to use my new stitch-in-the-ditch sewing machine foot and it worked very well.

pink/yellow/green quilt for Isobel

I considered doing some additional quilting on top of that, but couldn’t decide what I wanted and ended up being happy enough with it as it was, so I left it. I had previously sent a quilt to Carrie Anne for her soon-to-be-born son (like an idiot, I forgot to take any photos of it, d’oh!), and thought that her daughter would probably appreciate a gift at a time when the new baby was getting a lot of presents.

pink/yellow/green quilt for Isobel

For the back, I used panels of the same fabrics from the front of the quilt, and for the border I picked a hot pink polka dot fabric that I thought set a nice, bold edge.

pink/yellow/green quilt for Isobel

Aren’t these fabrics so springy and happy?

pink/yellow/green quilt for Isobel

I’ve already sent this to its recipient and have been assured by her mom that she likes it (whew!). I know she loves the color pink, but I wanted to have a bit more than just one color going on in this quilt. I’m relieved that she’s pleased!


One thought on “FO Friday: pink and green and yellow quilt

  1. Best quilt ever. Isobel adores it. Thank you times a million, Anne. <3

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