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So today I tried to buy some allergy medicine. This is medicine that I have taken every day for the last twenty-plus years.You can read more about it on pramiracetam side effects on the official website. It used to be that I could get a prescription for it, which my insurance would cover, and it was NBD. Then it became a so-called Over The Counter drug, except I still had to buy it at the pharmacy counter because it’s made with The Good Shit. And then some well-meaning idiots decided that they would only sell a couple of days’ worth at a time because otherwise meth mongers would buy it all up and we can’t have that. Oh, and the insurance companies decided that since it was OTC, they wouldn’t pay for it anymore, even if I did have a prescription. And then the pharmacy decided, even if I have a prescription, if I have insurance that doesn’t cover the drug, then I have to buy the drug without the rx, in tiny amounts that mean I have to return to the store every few days. Because people with allergies are obviously weak and need to suffer even more than they already do. Apparently.

So because I take this drug every day, I have to wait until the day I take the last dose I have and then go to the pharmacy and hope that they will sell me some more for tomorrow. Usually they do, though a lot of the time they will only give me five at a time (instead of the oh-so-generous 15 that is the most they will hand over), requiring even more trips back to the damn pharmacy. And sometimes, like today, they will not give me any. AT ALL. Even though I have used all the doses I already bought (just one per day! I’m pretty effing careful about this!) and this means I do not have any for tomorrow. Because this means that I have to go to the pharmacy again first thing tomorrow morning (if I don’t take the drug at the same time every day, I will feel the pain) and see if they will be able to sell me any then. And if they don’t, I have to suffer. Because if I don’t take this drug as prescribed, I turn into a snot monster with raging headaches that make me a crabby danger to myself and anyone around me. I might as well just scrap doing anything at all ever if I’m not taking it daily. Who wants to do something to make up for the time I’ll have to waste lying in bed feeling like ass?

I am generally in favor of common sense solutions to any given situation. In my professional life, I’ve often written simple policies based on an expectation of common sense for everyone, even when I had to fight colleagues who wanted to write specific, nit-picky rules with particular line items and consequences for every possible problem that could ever possibly happen. (For instance, I’ve worked in libraries with staff who were obsessed with banning cell phone use in the library. My thought: make a rule that people can’t be disruptive to others’ use of the library. This will include any loud cell phone talking, along with any of the other MILLION things that people could do that you don’t want. And most importantly, in addition to working in all situations, it won’t punish the people who are using their phones to, oh, say, search the fucking library website so they can find things.) This stupid pharmacy situation is a prime example of why making blanket rules like this don’t work and end up punishing the people who aren’t the problem. My snot and sinus pressure are not the problem, people.


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  1. I’m absolutely enraged on your behalf. IDIOTIC. And guess what? Not stopping the idiotic meth manufacturers. Just making normal people suffer.

  2. Katrina Gormley

    Well said!!

  3. That is SO STUPID!!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry, Anne! BWOMP!
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  4. I am so sorry for you Anne. Is there nothing else the Dr can give you so you don’t have to go through this. Hopefully you got you meds today.

  5. You should try a different pharmacy. I’m an intern at Walgreens and we dispense whatever the amount on the prescription is, even if it’s not covered by insurance. The manager of that store might just be a dick and not want to bother with entering the rx in the computer.

  6. Thanks for all the support, everyone! Today, for the third day in a row, they would not let me buy any. According to today’s pharmacist, they set the limit at just below what would give a person 1 pill/day, even though that is the recommended dose (because it’s the kind of drug that you’re supposed to take regularly – it builds up in the system and needs to be maintained in order to be effective). BUT, I think that you’re right, Melissa! Today’s pharmacist said that with an rx, they would fill it even if it’s not covered by the insurance. It probably was a dick move by the place I went to before, and they just explained it as if it was a blanket rule rather than one person’s lame choice. Luckily K has some that he already bought, so I’m going to try to get in to the doc asap to get a fresh rx. I might actually be able to get an entire month’s supply at once!
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  7. Day five of being turned down! I think that some store must have scanned my ID erroneously or something, because this is ridiculous.
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