if I had a million dollars

…I’d quit working and go to school full time and learn all the things I’d like to know more about. Realistically, for this to be feasible in the world today, I’d need multiple millions of dollars. C’mon, winning lottery ticket!

The Library
photo “The Library” by Zhu, CC licensed

When I think about going back to school, I vividly remember how it was to be working full time and taking a full load of courses my last semester of grad school. I felt like I had made my bed and, if I survived, I would not choose to lie in it ever again. So I know that going back to school (even part time) is, at this point, not going to happen. I value my free time too highly right now and am not willing to spend it doing homework rather than knitting, trivia, and spending time with K. (This is not to mention the fact that financially it would require that first million dollars or something close to it.)

But in my daydream world, if I didn’t have to work and could just pursue the things that are interesting to me, I would absolutely go back to school. There’s so much I’m interested in and would like to learn about! A short list:

  • art history
  • fiber arts
  • anthropology
  • cinema studies
  • entrepreneurship
  • creative writing
  • women’s/gender studies
  • computer science
  • technical writing

Of course, none of these are with any sort of viable career in mind – just things I’m interested in and would like to learn more about. We’re talking dreamworld here! No practicality required!

And of course I realize that I can learn a lot about these things without getting a formal education. With the cost of higher education as exorbitant as it is right now, some would say I’d be better off to learn independently or in other venues. But I guess I still buy into the whole romance of higher education despite my cynicism about the business side of it (‘students as customers’ was a big thing when I first started undergrad, and despite its failures it is still around). I think that it allows for and provides opportunities that can’t be had in other settings, and I do place a lot of value on having earned a degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.

So! Barring the ability to ffwd to ST:TNG times when money seemingly isn’t an issue for anyone and knowledge is valued more highly, let’s get on that lottery thing.


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  1. Me too! I love to learn..been a NF addict all my life and if we could have removed papers and tests from schooling, my life would have been complete. I love to discover and be guided by experts in my classes and that is the thing I wish as an adult I had access to all the time. I believe inside my heart that is why libraries still thrive -they will always be the “people’s university”!
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