Central Michigan Mayhem victorious

This weekend we went to see the local roller derby team, the Central Michigan Mayhem, take on the Lansing Capital Corruption out at Spinning Wheels.

Central Michigan Mayhem vs Capital Corruption

The photos I took are all truly terrible, as I was not using flash and was zoomed in more than is desirable for a phone camera. But the action was great! My two friends who are on the Mayhem, Flash Fatale and Doctor Potter, both skated really well (way to get named an MVP, Doc Potter!) and the Mayhem came out over 100 points ahead!

Derby final score

My pal Kristin and I were commenting during the bout that we both really admire the effort and enthusiasm that goes into being a derby skater. Neither of us, however, feels hardcore enough to actually do it ourselves. I can get excited about it, but not to the point of being able to overcome my true, wimpy nature. I’d last about ten seconds before getting bruised and daydreaming about knitting instead.

Kristin and I also really enjoy the punny names that are de rigeur for derby skaters. My obvious derby name would be AnneArchy, but I’m sure there are a lot of good puns to be had that are more creative. What would YOUR derby name be?


4 thoughts on “Central Michigan Mayhem victorious

  1. Bloody Holly. I love roller derby!

  2. I could never do roller derby because I could never think up a name!(I’m also completely unclear on what exactly is happening-a race? points from what?)

    • Sarah, I am still learning how it works. Basically there are two women who start at the back of the pack, and their job is to try to break through the pack and lap the pack as many times as possible. The first one through earns points for doing that (I think), and then depending on how many laps they make, more points are awarded. There are probably other factors, too, but I haven’t learned them yet! 🙂

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