FO Friday: Star Trek Macbook Air Gadget Guard

I end up taking my laptop to work with me on a fairly regular basis and I wanted a sleeve for it that would fit into my purse and protect it a little bit. I looked around online and didn’t see any ready-made sleeves that were cool, so I looked for patterns instead and came up with Dog Under My Desk’s Gadget Guard. Susan has often recommended DUMD and assured me that her patterns are super-detailed and really work. The pattern was even on sale!

I picked out some fabric from my stash, made a trip to Joann for some zippers and interfacing, and placed an order online for Soft & Stable batting alternative (sadly Joann doesn’t carry it in our local store and I wasn’t able to reach anyone at the local quilt shop to find out if they had any in stock). I debated on fudging the batting with something I could buy that day or had in my stash, but it seemed important to get something with some shape, and I’m glad I did. The case is fitted exactly to the shape of my laptop and I can see that if the sleeve was squishier/had less structure, the lappy wouldn’t slide in and out as easily as it does.

MacBook Air Gadget Guard - pattern by Dog Under My Desk

As you can see, it turned out really nicely! The front pocket has a double-pull zipper and a pleat, so there’s room for something a little more than flat to fit into it if desired. And the top zipper is also double-pull, which I just find really handy.

MacBook Air Gadget Guard - pattern by Dog Under My Desk

I used a geometric design for the lining and I think it is a nice contrast to how busy the exterior fabric is.

Gadget Guard in purse

As you can see, it fits! It’s snug and sticks out the top a bit, but that is fine with me. I like that it’s a snug fit – the laptop sleeve isn’t going to slide out by accident – and I sort of like that it shows off the fun fabric a little. If I’m going somewhere that I need to have “invisible” devices hidden in my purse, I can go without the sleeve or just take my tablet instead.

Gadget Guard in purse

OH! And the best thing is that this pattern uses a formula, so it’s easy to make cases for any gadgets you have. I will likely make one for my iPad as well, since it travels with me quite often. The pattern was, as promised, VERY detailed and really nice to use. There are step-by-step instructions and photos all along! I haven’t ever used a pattern with such clear instructions, actually! I highly recommend Dog Under My Desk.


5 thoughts on “FO Friday: Star Trek Macbook Air Gadget Guard

  1. OMG Thank you for sharing the Star Trek Gadget Guard in your Coach purse. It doesn’t get better than that. I’m still giggling. Love it so much!! <3

    • Thanks so much, Erin! 😀 I’m currently knitting some “fabric” to use to make an iPad version! (Theoretically using fusible interfacing on very small-gauge knitting should work.)

  2. Awesome … looks great!

  3. […] may become an everyday bag for me. When I bought my big splurge Coach bag, I expected that the quality would be top-notch and that it would essentially last forever. NOPE. […]

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