it’s got teeth

It being me, I guess, in this case, or at least my face skin, which has been reacting poorly to everything it comes in contact with.

I’ve been having a rough time with my skin lately. I was diagnosed with rosacea and have been through a couple of medications trying to find something that I’m not allergic to (metronidazole – possibly only allergic to the kind taken internally, but we’re not going to chance the topical) or super sensitive to (Retin-A, which turned me into one giant dry flake of irritated skin). Currently trying out Finacea – so far so good, but it hasn’t been long yet and it’ll likely take awhile before I see if it actually produces results.

The other problem is that the moisturizer I used for years changed formulas right around the same time, and their new formula is AWFUL. Sticky and residue-y – bleh! I tried half a dozen others from the drugstore, all of which were equally gross and had to be returned. I was reluctant to try something I found online because of course there’s no way to try it before you buy it, but I took a chance on one that looked pretty good: Skin Trip by Mountain Ocean. It’s made with coconut oil (my favorite thing lately – my awesome homemade [not by me – it’s from etsy] odorant is made with it, and we give it to Coraline to help her have less dry skin) and aloe and not a whole lot of other things. And it works! And doesn’t irritate my skin! For all you fellow sensitive-skin-havers, I recommend it!


3 thoughts on “it’s got teeth

  1. Very glad you found something that works!

  2. I use skin products from Herbal Scent Creations. I’ve used them for years without any problems as I also have skin that doesn’t like commercial/chemical stuff. She has an online store if you google it. I’ve used coconut oil for me skin also, makes a great make-up remover.

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