WIP Wednesday: spring is looking springy

My little art quilt is coming along! Fittingly, too, since it is really starting to feel like spring is on the way. Last I posted, I had things mostly figured out and pinned in place.

Sewing again! WIP: Regeneration art quilt

Looking pretty good.

WIP: Regeneration art quilt

I then got the butterfly crown arranged. I ended up using a fairly limited number of butterflies because I liked the final look better than a more crowded crown.

WIP: Regeneration art quilt

Then I started to figure out how I wanted to handle the eggs on the tray she’s holding. I was thinking deviled eggs and was toying with the idea of some embroidery techniques to create the deviled yolks.

WIP: Regeneration art quilt

I cut out a bunch of tiny eggs, but decided I didn’t like the way it was coming together, and I had a brainstorm of another angle I could take. More on that next time!

WIP: Regeneration art quilt

I also got the flower blossoms sewn on. I’ll likely go back and thread paint some stems and leaves on them in a fresh, bright spring green.

I’m feeling pretty good about this project! Being on a deadline has lit a little fire under me, and hopefully that keeps going.


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