no-longer-a-WIP Wednesday

Finally, a WIP is complete! And just in the nick of time.

This is the Spring Fling quilt, which I made for the quilt show this weekend at the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival. Last year I picked up one of the little kits they had which included instructions/rules and an 8×8″ square of fabric to be incorporated into the quilt. The challenge theme is spring fling, which I used as the name of this quilt.

Spring Fling quilt

I decided that this would be another Blythe-inspired quilt (I’m hoping to make a series of these) and that I would use themes of feminism and nature as well.

Spring Fling quilt

I crowned the figure with a wreath of butterflies. This is inspired by this painting, as well as by the fact that butterflies are symbols of spring and renewal.

Spring Fling quilt

The center of focus is the robin’s next the figure is holding in front of her on a tray. This is meant to echo advertising images from the middle of the 20th century: a woman serving, dressed in a traditionally feminine dress with apron, offering a tangible object as an item of value. All the quilting lines on the main body background radiate out from this nest. The idea of the egg-containing nest being the most valued item is also a statement on our society’s insistence that a woman’s value is directly tied to her ability/desire to have children.

Spring Fling quilt

I also added butterflies as a 3D element. They are emerging, flying as if from the figure, and they are adhered by their bodies only (this may not translate well in these photos), so the wings are free and stand out from the main body of the quilt.

This quilt, as well as my larger Figure and Flock quilt, will be on display at the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival – Festival of Quilts show this Saturday, with, presumably, a lot of other great quilts. Check it totally out!


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  1. Gorgeous! You are very talented!

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