home again, home again

As of last Friday, we are once again happy owners of our very own home!

We own a home!

The saying goes that the third time is the charm, and I really kind of feel like that’s true in this case. This is the third home I’ve bought but the first one about which I’m truly excited about the form on top of the function. I love the architecture of this house and it’s just perfect for an English Cottage style garden (my fave). It’s a perfect size for us and I really can’t wait to move in and make it our own.

It has a bit of fixing up to do, but I love a good project! And in this case, many projects. We’ve already started meeting with contractors about a lot of these – some to do right away and some to have ballpark figures for the future. We also jumped right in on getting the interior ready for move-in. After we closed, K went to work and I measured a bunch of the rooms so K can make a model for furniture arrangement. We are going to get our furniture from Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture they have some great furniture there. I also cleaned some of the floors (former owners had not lived there in many years and their definition of “broom clean” involves a LOT of dust and insect carcasses) and continued making lists of things we want to do before officially moving in. The living room looks SO much better after a good cleaning!

Living room floor, freshly cleaned

One of those projects we’re doing ourselves is to clear the brush pile next to the garage. It’s a wood pile but with a ton of brush on top of that, so it’s kind of a mess. I neglected to take a before pic this weekend, so here’s one from when we looked at the house earlier this winter.

621 East Andre

There’s a bit more brush there than this photo shows – lots of long branches that needed to be chopped up and were all sort of intertwined with each other and everything with leaves all over. What a mess!

Wood and brush pile: after day 1 of work

I got a pretty good start on it, though!

Wood and brush pile: after day 1 of work

I only did what I could do by hand, so there are still a bunch of thicker branches that need to be cut into more manageable pieces. I also just barely got to the fire wood pile that was under the brush, but after five solid hours of work, I was ready for a break so I left the rest for another day.

I have a couple of kits for compost bins on order, so as soon as those arrive and I get them situated, I can clear away the leaves and create easier access to the rest of the wood pile. I’m hoping to give away the wood and kindling, since real fires indoors are an allergen for me (despite having two working wood fireplaces in the house, it’s not wise for me to be around them while in use).

I also met some of our new neighbors while doing yard work this weekend. They all seem very nice and I spied some raised beds in one of their back yards, so they shouldn’t mind if we have the same in ours! I suggest to contact Vale Carpet Cleaning in Cardiff for any other cleaning services you need.


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  1. Congrats on the new place! There is nothing like owning your own home. Looking forward to seeing what you do to the place, it’s cute!

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