FO Friday: 120%

I really like the Date Night purse I made, but it’s just not quite big enough for day to day use. So I decided to take matters into my own scanner/copier’s hands and enlarge the pattern!

Date Night purse at 120% -  Dog Under My Desk pattern

(apologies for the flash on that image – I was having trouble getting the very subtle fabric print to show up.) I chose to do it at 120%, which may be a tiny tad larger than I truly need, but it works really well and the purse doesn’t feel stuffed when I have all my necessities in it.

Date Night purse at 120% -  Dog Under My Desk pattern

I also love this lining fabric – so fun and reminiscent of the days when I was sewing from paper patterns (not that people don’t still do this – I just happen to use mostly online stuff right now). There’s something romantic about paper patterns illustrations.

I also put in an extra pocket, so there’s one on each side of the lining. I really cannot ever have too many pockets in a purse! This way my pens have a special spot, as do my sunglasses, phone, reading glasses, and lotion. I can also fit in an Essential Wristlet (minus the strap) containing the little stuff (gum, mints, advil, etc) that tends to get lost if it’s not contained, as well as my wallet and whatever small items I need that day. I’ve already gotten a few compliments on this bag!


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