lilac-king in proportion

We have two lovely but less-than-shapely lilac bushes that are really beyond the scope of what can be called a bush or a shrub. Here’s the first:
Lilac toward the front of the property

and the more robust second:
Lilac toward the back of the property

Don’t let the tall tree behind the second one fool you! Both have been allowed to get super leggy – the blossoms and foliage on both of these start far, far over my head (K can reach up to them, and he’s 6’6″). I don’t love the look of the trunks and they cast enough shade that there’s a scrabbly dirt ring around each of them where grass won’t grow (not that I’m asking for more grass – it’s just that currently patchy weeds are taking advantage).

My thought is that, as there’s a decent amount of foliage growing at the base of the trunks, maybe I could just cut the trunks down (after it’s finished blooming) and let the short bits become a shrub of proportional size.

Lilac toward the back of the property

Any words of wisdom regarding lilacs?


2 thoughts on “lilac-king in proportion

  1. I would leave them tall and under plant with smaller shrubs and perennials. Take advantage of the maturity!

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