eff the shave-triarchy

The beauty industrial complex has been out of control for some time, but it seems like it’s only getting worse. Suddenly over the last few months, it feels like every single sponsored post on tumblr is some variety of body-shaming aimed at getting women to spend more time and anxiety on their (perfectly fine, thank you) bodies. The primary products seem to be leg-shaving items (and they’re in support of Pitch Perfect 2, a supposedly woman-centric movie). Some of these ads even purport to say that shaving your legs helps keep your legs healthy, and that NOT shaving them is somehow unhealthy.

That is totally not a thing. Your legs are fine and equally healthy regardless of hair or no hair. Period, the end, done.


Eff the patriarchy
So I’ve decided to stop wasting time and money shaving (during the warmer months – I haven’t shaved my legs in the winter in too many years to count). As you can sort of see here, my legs end up looking vaguely Pigpen-ish, but I have officially decided that I do not care if that makes anyone else uncomfortable. (I totally get that my leg hair is sparse and soft and that this is a bit of privilege that makes it easy for me to not shave them. Whatever feels right for your legs is your business and I am not judging.) Same goes for you men, if you want to skip reading the guide to trimming your stubble, be my guest, to each their own follies. And think of all the money I’ll save! Maybe you haven’t heard, but products marketed for women cost more than the same products not marketed for women. Not only do these companies shame you about your body, they’ll overcharge you for the products they claim will help you feel better about it! The bullshit cycle is deep here. If this rant has a point, it’s that (a) whatever you decide to do with yourself is FINE and don’t believe anyone who says otherwise, and (b) if you’re going to buy beauty products, shop around and maybe buy some from small businesses or companies that don’t participate in all this crap.


5 thoughts on “eff the shave-triarchy

  1. Power to the people! Good for you for speaking up against bull shit and for making thoughtful choices that are right for you. Right on!

  2. […] most popular post was eff the shave-triarchy. Eff yeah! Update while I’m at it: I feel like I have saved SO MUCH time since quitting […]

  3. I missed this post the first time around! Go you! I hate shaving. My skin is so pale and my hair so dark that even when I do shave it just looks like I haven’t. I definitely just do it so I won’t gross out my bf, which makes me mad at society!!!
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