let it go

We continued to help the vines to let go of our house over the weekend. They are tough bastages!

Here’s where we started, more or less (actually more, as this is a photo from several years ago, courtesy of the real estate listing):
realtor 23

And then after we removed the bulk of the vines:
Vine removal day one

Although most of the vines came down pretty easily, there were some areas that were grown very thick with roots grabbing in all directions. These parts are super tough and reluctant to move! We cut through the base of these awhile ago, allowing them to dry out and not be connected to the roots anymore, but they were still pretty difficult to pry off.
vines climbing on house

K put his back into it and I helped as much as I could, and voila! After quite a lot of effort, we have a nook corner free of growth!
More vines removed

There are still some bits higher up that we want to pull down, but we are STILL WAITING for our tall ladder to come in at Home Depot. (It’s been over a month, Home Depot! What UP?) The roof replacement is going to happening late this month, hopefully, so we want to get as much down as we can before that happens so there’s as little stuff in the roofers’ way as possible. We are making progress!


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