FO Friday: BTTF for baby

One of my best pals recently welcomed a new baby into their family and I wanted to help celebrate this by making a quilt. Now, if you know Dan, you know that he is a big fan of, in his words, the greatest sci-fi trilogy of all time: Back to the Future.

So I decided to make a BTTF-themed baby quilt. Is it traditional? No. Is it pink or in any other way distinctly female, as this baby is a girl? No. Does anyone involved care about any of these things? No.

I started out thinking I’d do panels, each depicting something from the movies.

Back to the Future quilt in progress

Fairly quickly, though, I decided that this was going to be too literal for my taste and that I wanted to do something else. Then I came up with the idea of making the background of the quilt an interpretation of the giant speaker at the very beginning of the first movie.

Back to the Future quilt in progress

I overlaid the distinctive arrows over top of this, at both the top and bottom of the quilt. I feel like this is a nice happy medium of inspired by, but not too directly a literal depiction of, this movie.

While I was designing, I laid out the fabrics from my stash that were in keeping with the colors from the original movie poster.

Back to the Future quilt in progress

I picked out the ones that I felt fit best, and then started with the center of the quilt.

Back to the Future quilt in progress

Working my way out from the center, I added the sections of the speaker until I had the entire quilt top completed.

Back to the Future quilt in progress

Then I cut out and assembled the pieces for the arrows and pinned them in place on the quilt top. For the arrows, I chose fabrics that have a flame-esque pattern.

Back to the Future quilt in progress

To contrast the designed quilt top, I wanted the backing to be color blocked with bright colors and patterns.

Back to the Future quilt in progress

This allows the quilting, which follows the shapes of the speaker and arrows, to show a neat pattern on the back.

Back to the Future Quilt

I am so pleased with how the finished product turned out!

Back to the Future Quilt

The quilt is whimsical but not cutesy, and keeps the BTTF theme while not being too grown-up-ish. And it was well-received by Dan and his family!


4 thoughts on “FO Friday: BTTF for baby

  1. This is amazing! Quilting is a talent of some generations before me, but not my own talent just yet, so combining it some geekery just may convert me! In the meantime, I can definitely admire some rad and excellent work!
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  2. Wow, Anne, this quilt is amazeballs! I love the way you executed your concept. No wonder it was well-received by your pal.

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