FO Friday: may the quilt be with you

Another of my best pals had a baby recently! For this one, I knew that Star Wars had to be the theme. I had found some neat SW fabric and as it is the favorite thing of my pal Michael, it was a perfect fit.

In order to highlight the SW-themed fabric, I decided that a fairly traditional block pattern would be best, so I cut out squares, fussy cutting the SW panels to best show off and vary the print.

Star Wars baby quilt in progress

I also wanted to highlight the center panel in some way and decided on the Alliance Starbird. Of course this little one will side with the Rebellion. So I fussy cut this shape and then top-stitched it onto a panel, which I put at the center.

Star Wars baby quilt in progress

Of course I decided to make the quilt a bit larger than my work surface, so laying out the panels was slightly challenging as they needed to droop off the edge which I worked.

Star Wars baby quilt in progress

I am quite pleased with how the center panel turned out, and with how the colors go together.

Star Wars Quilt

For the back, I used a basic polka dot fabric in grey. It’s neutral and goes with all of the blues and other colors in the quilt top fabrics.

Star Wars Quilt

And the finished product:

Star Wars Quilt

I’m so happy with it! It’s Star Wars themed but it’s still classy and elegant, which fits with this child’s parents’ aesthetic. And they did love it – look at this wee Jedi practicing his force powers!

quilt jedi photo 2015081795100630_zpskto258nc.jpg


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  1. Geeky. Beautiful. Again. *applauds*

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