WIP Wednesday: Ramona sweater for Blythe

I’ve been so inspired to create some new designs for Blythe lately! I suddenly realized the other day that it’s almost the end of the summer and I can look forward to fall arriving soon.

decorative gourd season

I think these thoughts of autumn are what have me thinking about sweaters. It’s certainly not the humid, hot weather we’ve been having! I set out to design a sweater with ribbing and I sort of winged it at first on this first draft.

Ramona Sweater for Blythe prototype 1

I like how it turned out, but not 100%. After finishing up this first draft, I decided that I’d rather make the sweater a pullover (over the body, not over the head, since Blythe’s noggin is so large proportionally), and I want to construct the ribs differently than I did the first time. I’m already working on the next draft, but I’d love to know what YOU think! What things are you looking for in your Blythe sweaters?


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Ramona sweater for Blythe

  1. I think it’s lovely!

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