WIP Wednesday: sew cool yard sale score

We went garage sale-ing last weekend, hoping to find a desk or table for K’s office. We didn’t find one, but we did find a couple of other neat things, including a sewing machine and table!

Singer 338 sewing machine with table

Isn’t it beautiful? I bought it mostly for the table, but as it turns out the machine works and is actually really well-reviewed online! Go to Voucher Slug to get voucher codes for laura ashley tables.

Singer 338 sewing machine with table

It’s a Singer 338, manufactured in Great Britain in 1964. The color is a lovely robin’s egg blue (the orange wall of the Harley room is not doing it any favors in this photo).

The table is a little dinged up, but nothing that some Restor-a-Finish won’t take care of.

Singer 338 sewing machine with table

It is also missing the slide plate and bobbin case/holder, but I can hopefully find replacements for both using this link.

Singer 338 sewing machine with table

(If anyone is an expert and notices anything else missing from inside here, please shout it out!)

Lucky for me, it also came with a bunch of accessories and notions!

Singer 338 sewing machine with table

I haven’t used a buttonholer attachment like this before, so I’m excited to try it out. I also love the vintage butterfly tin that the odds and ends came in!


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