pupple pants

So it was my birthday earlier this week, and my awesome sistrah gifted me two new pairs of jimjams!

The first is made with some adorbs BT fabric. I had seen someone post a pic of this fabric on one of the MWBTR groups on fb awhile ago, and when I sent that pic to Susan, she said, “pretend you never saw that!” I was happy to do so because I knew it meant something cute was coming my way.

Awesome jimjams made by Susan

I had also found an amazing Bowie Frenchie fabric, from which she awesomely made me a second pair of jimjams. SO CUTE. Also, look at how great she is – the waistband uses the two accent colors

Awesome jimjams made by Susan

as does the top stitching

Awesome jimjams made by Susan

and the piping.

Awesome jimjams made by Susan

Coordinated af.


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