power cables

Who doesn’t need a power cable? I need multiple power cables to make it through the day (ridic, maybe, but true) and here is one more that I definitely need to make it through the winter.

Power Cable Hat

My goal for this hat was to make something warm and stylish but still relatively simple. I think I was successful!

Power Cable Hat

There are four cable sections around this hat, with luscious cozy purls in between. The cables begin right at the brim, which I think lends it an elegant look. You can change up your look by wearing it with a cable at your forehead, or one on either side.

Power Cable Hat

Best of all, the yarn used to make this hat is so cozy and warm and perfect for the winter weather we know is coming.

Power Cable Hat

The Power Cable Hat pattern is awaiting your clicks at Etsy, LoveKnitting, Ravelry, and Craftsy.


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