It’s cardigan season

When is it NOT cardigan season, though, really, right?

Long Cardigan for Blythe

I love a long, cozy cardigan. They’re great for layering and I survive on being able to control my temperature by adding or removing a cardi.

Long Cardigan for Blythe

Adding a cardigan to a favorite dress or ensemble is like making a whole new outfit.

Long Cardigan for Blythe

I especially like a roomy cardigan like this one for Blythe, because so many of the dresses and tops I have for her take up a little bit of space, so a top layer that has some extra room is perfect.

Long Cardigan for Blythe

Ready to knit a luxurious, long cardigan for your Blythe? The pattern is ready on Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


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