WIP Wednesday: moths have arrived

After last week’s playing around, I decided on placement for the moths and started sewing them on.

Art quilt WIP

I decided to do this by hand, so that I could get a less uniform look to the stitching. (Also, lifting the presser foot a billionty times for each of these did not sound like fun.) I am super pleased with the result!

Art quilt WIP

I don’t do much hand sewing very often, but I find it really in-the-zone-putting when I do make time for it. Note to self: do more hand-stitching! I watched a ton of Jane AKA maidensuit‘s videos about Blythe stuff while I did this stitching and the time flew by. I also got inspired to make the skirts that I posted about on Monday!

Art quilt WIP

I used a variety of freehand stitch patterns to sew these moths on, and I pretty much stuck to just sewing on their bodies (thoraxes? thoraces? thesauri?) and then adding the antennae. I may decide to do some more stitching on the wings, especially of some of the larger ones that want to flop around more – I’m still considering what I want to do with that.


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