little red bows

I recently noticed some tiny red bows in the dollar bins at Target. They are meant to be xmas package decoration, I think, and they came with little double-sided foam tape dots on them. These dots were just barely sticking to them in the first place, though, so they were super easy to peel off. The bows are made of felt and that doesn’t always stick to tape very well.

I’m always on the lookout for Blythe-sized things and these definitely are. After I got them home and de-tape-dot-ed them, I grabbed the E-6000 and some tiny red hair clips. A small amount of drying time later and voila:

Little red bow hairclips I made today

Pretty cute, eh? Perfect for the holiday season, too. I only made two, figuring that I rarely desire more than two of any particular hair accoutrement, so I have the other four bows (they came in a six-pack) left for future crafty projects or to make into clips and give as gifts.

Little red bow hairclips I made today


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