clang clang clang went the Cable Car Hat

Ding ding ding (not really) went my knitting needles making this hat that I totally love. I designed it to have a really luxurious-feeling ribbed brim, which can be folded up if you wish or worn as is if you prefer it that way. For some reason a generous brim really adds a feeling of quality to a hat!

Cable Car Hat

In the same spirit, I also designed it to include a cable braid pattern that feels deluxe. It’s not complicated and the pattern can easily be memorized, but the result looks more complicated than that, I think.

Cable Car Hat

Using this bulky yarn also makes this hat knit up very quickly! A handful of hours catching up on The Great British Bake Off and Jessica Jones, and you’re finished!

Cable Car Hat - Plum

If you’d like to make this hat, the pattern is just a click away at Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


2 thoughts on “clang clang clang went the Cable Car Hat

  1. That looks exactly like the hat I lost in a Grand Rapids Parking garage. It was knitted for me by a friend. It was my favorite color–purple–and the fold up brim made it a most excellent hat. I was so sorry to lose it. I wish I know how to knit. Oh well, since I am in Florida, I probably don’t need a knit hat but I sure got a lot of wear out of it in Michigan. Nice work, Anne. Have a wonderful Holiday season.

    Susan and Donald Grant

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