wardrobe galore! and some to share!

I’ve been on such a kick of making Blythe clothing! It’s great to feel so inspired. I hope it continues!

It’s been awhile since I posted any finished pieces in the AnneArchy shop. I’m concentrating on patterns there right now, and using my finished items to stock my own Blythe wardrobe and to give as gifts to Blythe friends and acquaintances.

trio of dresses for Blythe

I made this trio of Blythe dresses as I celebrated successful hair treatments for Dahlia, Ash, and Willow. Dahlia (left) is wearing a very cozy houndstooth that I think will layer nicely. I need to make some under-dress style blouses/shirts! Ash has a double-layer-skirt Dotted Swiss dress that I think turned out quite nicely. The top stitching is a very pale pink, which you can’t really see here, but is very sweet in person. Willow’s frock (right) is made from an extremely slippery and difficult to work with material in navy blue. It has some tiny sequins woven into the fabric, and the material itself has solid sections alternating with sheer sections. You can kind of see this in the skirt (she’s wearing a knit skirt underneath for modesty, but since I lined the top it doesn’t come across as sheer there [also modesty! Plus, it would have been impossible to sew if I didn’t have one of the best embroidery machines to use]). I’m very pleased with all of these and am excited to have them in my Blythe collection.

Five Blythe Dresses

These five dresses I made as gifts. The giftee had mentioned that she didn’t have many blue dresses and that she likes floral and lace, so the dress on the left is a response to that. It’s got blue floral and lace trim! The next one is pink floral, which I think the giftee will also enjoy. The next two are gingham, another fave of the giftee, and both have tiny buttons on the bodice. Finally, a sort of experiment using some not-cotton fabrics. The polka dotted sand-colored fabric is layered over a coral pink, and I think the result is quite pleasing! It seems unusual to me, but to my eye, it works.

I am still feeling quite inspired by my stash, and I need to spend some time going through my patterns to try something new. I’ve read online that you can use a Neo Blythe pattern at 75% to fit Middie, and I’m excited to try that out! Have you done that? Seen any great patterns you’d recommend I pick up?


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