new furniture (for Blythe)

Last weekend, I headed over to a local estate sale with a pal to see what treasures we could find. And we found some!

Estate sale haul

My haul included a shadow box (perfect for displaying tiny toys and whatnot, which we have plenty of at Firefly Cottage), a bag of doll furniture from the 90s, a wicker doll chair, and a (creepy?) baby food jar full of googly eyes.

Estate sale doll furniture

This furniture is plastic and in pretty good condition for stuff from almost 20 years ago (P.S. I am old!) (the mark on the bottom says “1996 M.T.H.K. CHINA”). The teacups will be donated to Goodwill, as I don’t have a use for them (not the right scale for anything I’m doing). I’m wondering if I can paint this furniture, though, as I’d like it better in plain white. Anyone out there tried painting plastic stuff like this?


6 thoughts on “new furniture (for Blythe)

  1. Do you think it is the same type of plastic as model cars, planes, etc.? Try model paint on the underside.

  2. Man, sweet score! I’ve been meaning to paint some of my IKEA Huset furniture white. I got some spray paint and everything, but haven’t done it yet… Keep us updated on painting!!

  3. Anne, hi hi 😀 you can try using auto spray paint you can buy cheaply by the spray can…I’ve used on 80s Barbie furniture, first spray with plastic primer for undercoat (same area at auto store) then colour as top coat…the Ikea huset my friend painted and achieved a good result…note: you may already know any plastic furniture can melt blythe, especially legs, if left in contact eg sitting on sofa..hope this helps xx

    • Thanks so much for this info, Mel! I mega appreciate it! I am definitely paranoid about melting – I have a tendency to keep my Blythes unclothed and wrapped in soft white cotton cloth. I’m working to get more brave to leave them clothed and in their stands, haha! 😀

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