New pattern: Rib Stripe Bulky Hat

It’s maybe a little bit late for starting holiday gift projects (or maybe not! Could be a New Year’s gift, in which case there’s plenty of time!), but this pattern is a quick hat anytime you want to knit one!

Rib Stripe Bulky Hat

This hat is warm and cozy and in three sizes for adults (the small might work for some older kids, too).

Rib Stripe Bulky Hat

It has a fun, angular decrease on the crown that makes it so much more interesting than any ol’ hat.

Rib Stripe Bulky Hat

The monochrome stripes formed by the alternating purl and knit sections give the hat an elegant look that will suit just about anyone!

Rib Stripe Bulky Hat

This pattern (including three sizes and permission to sell finished objects) is available for you at Etsy, Ravelry, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting.

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