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Story of Seasons

I received a copy of Story of Seasons for xmas and I have been playing the crumbs out of it! It is a great addition to the Harvest Moon family of games that I have always enjoyed. This time, as will be familiar to HM fans, you’re a person who gets recruited to do some farming in a small town. You learn to use your tools, cultivate crops, care for animals, make friends with the townsfolk, woo someone, forage, and make things. There are many things to focus on and you can pretty much choose which ones are your priority and ignore the ones you don’t really care about. Here are some gaming products reviewed that I did. Hope you enjoy.

write in your journal

The graphics are cute as ever! I haven’t gotten to acquiring alpacas or llamas yet, but they are featured on this save screen and appear to be just as adorbs as usual. I love that they’re hanging out in your office/at your desk here.


Also par for the course are the periodic competitions, judged by special visitors to the village. Woofio judges the animal-related contests, and is, as you can see, hilarious.

go jump in the rive

Some of the mechanics are funny, too. For instance, you can swim in the river in a few places in order to catch fish and collect other miscellaneous items (bottles, boots, and other items you can later use to make things), and when you’re in a spot from which you can jump in, it just says, “jump in the river.” LOL! I also find it amusing that you jump in and swim fully clothed, and then jump out and are apparently instantly dry. This works even in winter!

The Harvest Sprites seem to play a smaller role in this game, at least as far as I’ve gotten. I’ve met them, but they haven’t appeared again yet. I have also sort of been ignoring the friendship aspect of the game in favor of gaining quality in animal products and crops.


I did unlock a new character recently, though: Witchie. She is adorbs and already my favorite person in town. I had last week off (so lucky!) so I was able to play a ton! It’s going to be tougher to make time now that work has picked back up again, but I’m sure I’ll squeeze it in here and there.


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