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I love the look of Blythe-scale knitting. Usually I like to use lace weight yarn and size 0 needles, as that gives a really tiny stitch that looks accurate for Blythe-scale. However, knitting with lace weight yarn and such small needles means that those projects take a little more time. Sometimes, I want to knit a Blythe sweater and be done quickly, which is when I reach for a slightly thicker yarn and larger needle – in this case fingering weight yarn and size 2 needles.

Fingering Weight Sweater for Blythe

This size yarn still makes quite a small stitch, which I think keeps in Blythe-scale nicely. The stitches aren’t that much larger than in lace weight yarn, but the time required to knit this sweater is much less than one made with lace weight!

Fingering Weight Sweater for Blythe

I tend to like a roomy fit for Blythe sweaters. I feel like it’s comfy and cozy and allows for layering or wearing the sweater cardigan-style when desired (I love layers! both for me and for Blythe).

Fingering Weight Sweater for Blythe

I’m so pleased with how well this brown sweater goes with this skirt I made last year. 🙂

The pattern for this Fingering Weight Sweater for Blythe can be found on Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


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