WIP Wednesday: quilting by hand

I’m making more slow but steady progress hand-quilting my current art quilt WIP. It’s really slow going, but I’m getting there!

Art quilt WIP

As I stitch, I keep asking myself what I was thinking making such a large piece. A learning experience for sure!

Art quilt WIP

I started re-listening to the Harry Potter books for the thousandth time and that is helping the time pass more quickly while I’m stitching. I opted for the Stephen Frye version this time, as I’ve listened to it fewer times than the Jim Dale edition.

Art quilt WIP

Some of the quilting I’m doing is also decorative, but some is just functional to keep everything together. As usual I’m making decisions about what to do as I go along, which is working well for me. I like to have a basic plan in my head but also the flexibility to make changes to that plan on the fly. This is how making art works for me – do you find the same is true for you?


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