potential plants for Firefly Cottage gardens

I’ve been looking through the many, many seed catalogs I subscribed to last year when we bought Firefly Cottage. There’s something so refreshing about looking at green and growing things (even if just in photos) when it’s so cold and mostly monochrome outside.

Seed catalog season

Since we have so much yard to cover, I’m going to try to figure out smaller mini-garden areas within the larger scope in order to make it easier and manageable to get things started. As I’m a fan of perennials, hopefully I’ll be able to add on each year while still maintaining what already exists. I’ll be looking for low-maintenance plants as always, as well as those that thrive without a lot of additional water. This should help with my long-term plans of a lovely, mostly self-sustaining cottage garden. I’ll also be setting aside space for raised beds for veggies, but I am not sure yet if I’m going to do that this year or next. I simultaneously want to DO ALL THE THINGS but also don’t want to set myself up with so much stuff that I can’t successfully manage it all.

Right now I’m making a list of all the plants I’d like to eventually include in the garden. Many of these I’ve grown before, though some I’ve just admired in other gardens or in print. Here are a couple of the plants I have on my list so far:

 photo hyssop_zps8sghnxdl.jpg
I’ve grown Hyssop (this is my own photo from our garden when we lived downstate) before and it makes a nice compact shrub and attracts pollinators.

Allium photo allium_zpsp2zmrakm.jpg

Allium is also on my list – in several varieties! And there are so many varieties! I’ve had great luck with the smaller ones in the past, and mixed luck with the larger ones like Drumstick Allium (again, these are my photos from downstate). The smaller varieties have always self-seeded really well, spreading and filling in quite nicely, but the drumstick doesn’t seem to do that, or didn’t for me in that garden anyway.

More to come – what plants would you include?


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  1. I couldn’t garden without grasses, which look fabulous with Agastache.
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