Hufflepuff! Hufflepuff! Hufflepuff!

K and I have been taking the dogs to obedience class the last month or so. Hermione hasn’t had any training that we know of, and Coraline (and we) could use a refresher.

It’s going quite well! Hermione is learning to sit (she’s so stubborn about it!) and stay like a champ (a relatively slow-moving champ, but she’s making progress). Coraline totally remembers her training from before and we’ve been challenging her to more difficult “leave it”s and other tasks that require more focus. Both the girls are very food-motivated, so we generally make them earn their dinner at class and when we do practice at home. We started out loading up a ziplock bag with each of their kibbles (of course our very special Bostons require special food – Coraline is allergic/sensitive to a bunch of stuff and can only eat a specific type of limited ingredient food that we’ve determined doesn’t cause her to break out in hives, and Hermione is actually on an rx kibble that is super neutral and doesn’t upset her delicate constitution). But we found that the ziplock-in-pocket system wasn’t working out very well so we asked awesome seamstress and embroiderer Susan to make us some treat pouches. She really came through! They are awesome!

I forgot to take a pic of K’s, but it has Godzilla on it and is awesome. Mine is, naturally, Hufflepuff. Eff yeah Hufflepuff!

Awesome Hufflepuff treat bag by Susan of AnneArchy

How incredibly cool is that?! I just heart it so hard.

Awesome Hufflepuff treat bag by Susan of AnneArchy

Here you can see how awesomely it works – it fits right on my belt and is SO HANDY for doing training. Susan has a lot of experience with this type of thing so of course it’s perfectly designed and functional as well as looking cool as hell. I am in serious danger of asking Susan to embroider everything I own with this Hufflepuff crest.


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