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Well, there are still a bunch of trees, but now we have two fewer of them and the space for the neighboring trees to thrive. When we moved in, we noticed that there were three very small maples planted extremely close together on the side of the yard next to the alley (AKA our driveway). Of course I neglected to take any good photos of this area!

new house

Here you can see two of them as seen a little over a year ago (I am not at all sad that we don’t have this much snow right now!) – and you can see that they are very close to each other and that one of them is really, REALLY close to the conifer. All three of the trees were pretty spindly and were growing at odd angles trying to get sunlight. I just don’t know why you’d plant maple trees this close to each other! There’s no possible way for them to reach any kind of maturity without interfering with each other. If the purpose was to block the view of the neighbor’s garage, then an evergreen hedge would be a much better idea (and that is what we will do eventually).

So this weekend we took down the two trees that were having the most trouble thriving.

Two fewer tiny struggling maples

This leaves just the one closest to the garage, which you can sort of see in this photo. It’s really probably too close to both the slab and the alley, but for now we’re going to give it a chance. It was really beautiful on Saturday and this was a lovely chance to get outside and do some work on the yard, which I’m super anxious to get started on. We’re also figuring out a plan for having the front pathway replaced with something more sturdy and long-lasting, and once we get that settled then I can really start on the garden parts of the yard!


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