WIP Wednesday: little witches

My Fall Frolic quilt is continuing to take shape, slowly but slowly. This past weekend I worked on the witches.

Art quilt WIP:Fall Frolic

I came up with their robe-shapes and cut those out freehand, and then half-traced half-sketched some Blythe heads for the witches’ heads.

Art quilt WIP:Fall Frolic

These paper templates are really more to keep me in line while I’m free cutting – it keeps everything in scale – and isn’t a 100% pattern that I’ll follow for sure.

Art quilt WIP:Fall Frolic

These witches are on a much smaller scale than most things I’ve done before, so the pieces are itty bitty. I kept having to cut them down to be the right size.

Art quilt WIP:Fall Frolic

Because these pieces are so small, I decided to hand stitch them all in place.

Sewing tiny eyes #annearchy #artquilt

As tedious a task as this could be, I actually really enjoy it! The early morning sun kept my work desk well-lit and I knocked out both faces in not very much time. I don’t know what it is about working with tiny things that is so satisfying for me.


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