WIP Wednesday: frolicking figures

This weekend I focused a ton of time on my Fall Frolic quilt. The Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival is coming right up so I’ve got to wrap it up!

I cut out the very small pieces for the center of the quilt and decided that I wanted to use free form hand applique to attach them.

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

I did things one piece at at time for the most part, and just focused on getting things ON – I’m going to add more decorative applique stitches to some bits later on.

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

All this tiny stitching makes me VERY glad for the table top OTT light I picked up awhile ago. Especially since it was all snowy and gross all weekend and there wasn’t as much natural light as there usually is.

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

I’m looking forward to attaching the leaves soon!


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