WIP Wednesday: leaves, leaves, and more leaves

The deadline for finishing this quilt is looming, so I spent nearly all of my crafting time last weekend working on it. Of course my plans for this quilt mean that there are a TON of leaves to attach, and of course I decided to do them all by hand, which takes longer than if I did them with a fusable product or by machine.

Art quilt WIP:Fall Frolic

I started out by placing the leaves where I wanted them, just arranging without fastening anything in place.

ALL THE PINS #artquilt

Then I pinned everything in place. USE ALL THE PINS!

Art quilt WIP:Fall Frolic

Then I started sewing them on. Thank goodness for the Ott Light I got on a super deal at Joann last year – the light was awful this weekend as it was snowing, sleeting, and raining pretty much the whole time.

Art quilt WIP:Fall Frolic

Many hours of podcasts later, all the leaves were stitched in place! I finished off the weekend by cutting out the batting and backing fabric. I will hopefully grab a few minutes each weeknight this week to make the quilt sandwich and start quilting!


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