raised bed DIY

This weekend we put together the raised bed we had purchased materials for. It isn’t a complicated construction project – basically a rectangle involving only one cut.

I opted to purchase a wood decking product rather than actual wood in order to save money. I’d love to go with cedar for everything, but it’s so pricey! Our local Home Despot also didn’t have the size boards I wanted in stock in cedar.

Raised bed

We got some nice corner brackets and grabbed some self-driving screws to go with. In theory, this works great.

Raised bed

In reality, though, this decking material is AWFUL. It didn’t grab the screws at all – it basically just shredded into a pulp instead. GRRR. The screws fell right out as soon as we put them in!

Raised bed

So we grabbed some nails, which worked to attach the corners, but as you can see also caused some small cracks in the decking. This stuff is supposed to be guaranteed to work with any fasteners you’d use with wood, but clearly that is not the case. It will be okay, but it’s definitely not the result I was looking for. I’m glad we only got enough to do one bed this year! I’ll definitely not purchase any of this stuff again.


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