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About a year ago I made myself this purse using the Date Night pattern by Dog Under My Desk, but expanded to 120%. I’ve been using it every day and it has been perfect for the stuff I always want to have with me (probably still more than I should require but JUST IN CASE is always on my mind). When I made it, I just used some random fabric from my stash, and it was not a very high quality quilting cotton.

Former purse strap unraveling

Just recently the strap has started to fray. I really don’t think this would happen with a higher quality fabric, but as it is this gave me an excuse to make myself a new purse. 🙂

New DUMD Date Night at 120%

This time I chose an apparel fabric, a sturdy grey and black houndstooth that is a bit heavier than quilting cotton, but not a lot as I didn’t want to add a lot of thickness (this is what has kept me from using a duck or similar heavier cotton). This fabric is super my style and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

New DUMD Date Night at 120%

For the inside, I couldn’t find any nerdy fabric that suited me – so much of what Joann has is male-focused and I am sort of tired of everything always being either men or princesses. My kingdom for some Phryne Fisher fabric! This bird fabric is cute, though, and who can resist putting a bird on (in) it?

New DUMD Date Night at 120%

I did the same double-inside-pockets that I did last time. They have been perfect for my needs! On one side, I can carry my phone, a bottle of lotion, and my favorite pen, and on the other side, my reading glasses and my sunglasses each in their own compartment. I love being able to customize my purse like this!

New DUMD Date Night at 120%

Here’s a close-up on the fabric. Isn’t this print elegant yet practical?


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  1. Oh my gosh! It looks amazing, you did an incredible job!!
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