room boxing

I’ve wanted to make a room box for ages, and K awesomely volunteered to help. He made the actual box for me out of sheet insulation, using magnets to hold the pieces together.

Dry fitting flooring in foam insulation room box

He’s had this done for me for AGES but I finally made time to find some flooring. I wanted something that was thin so that the magnets will still work through it – ideally I’d like it to overlap under the wall pieces slightly so that you can’t see any edges (though I suppose I am going to put some base molding on the walls, so this probably doesn’t matter).

As you can see here, if I don’t trim these pieces on the sides, they’ll overlap the wall pieces just a hair:

Dry fitting flooring in foam insulation room box

I will of course need to trim the second piece to fit the depth of the box. I couldn’t find any flooring that came in large enough sheets to cover without using more than one piece, but this flooring appears to be able to slide in together without any noticeable gap. This room box is bigger than most I’ve seen, and definitely bigger than most dollhouse rooms, but I’d like to have plenty of space for Blythe plus furniture for taking photos. Now I need to trim the second piece of flooring and finish all of it. I like the blond wood (veneer) so I think I’ll probably just do a seal coat without staining first. Opinions?

Because I think it’s super clever, here’s a close-up of how K installed the magnets:

Dry fitting flooring in foam insulation room box

The room box pieces just snap together so nicely! Now I need to figure out if I want a window(s) and what type of wall covering I want to use. I’m thinking of using fabric as wallpaper…


3 thoughts on “room boxing

  1. Hi, found your site by a Google alert because you were talking about veneer.

    At first I honestly didn’t know what kind of project this was for. But putting magnets in the board insulation is nice trick I have never seen before, to be able to take it apart easily.
    Anyway, go ahead and just varnish over that veneer ( I can’t tell what species of wood it is) with a water based product. It’ll turn a bit darker, similar to putting water on it.

  2. This is so exiting!! I can’t wait to see what you do with it! My room box is pretty big, too.

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