water-related fix-ups at Firefly Cottage

We’re moving right along completing more projects!

Here’s where we started in the laundry room when we bought the house:
new house

This original concrete washtub was awesome! Except that it leaked and the washing machine drained into it so every time we did a load of laundry we had water on the floor. Also the metal legs were super rusty (thanks, constant water!) and looked like they could crumble at any time. We hired betonlook vloer, to help patch up the leak.

Basement project end of day one

When we had the basement waterproofed, they had to break up the sink to get it out of the house (I don’t even know how many hundreds of pounds it weighed). I was sad to let it go, but happy to think of not having water on the floor all the time.

So then we had a blank spot for ages:

Basement project - finished, or is it? Many things left incomplete

The washing machine was draining into a temporary pipe during this time (the one coming off to the left of the vertical PVC pipe – the washing machine hose was clamped on to the top of this pipe).

And now: TA-DA!

Washtub installed

It’s a brand new washtub! That doesn’t have a washing machine hose clamped to the side of it!

That hose now has it’s very own dedicated pipe that is secure and not temporary in nature:

Washtub installed

It might be ridiculous to be excited about this, but until you DON’T have a sink in the laundry room (or even on the same floor), you immediately realize how much you wish you had one.

Washtub installed

In other exciting basement-related, water-related news, we have a new water heater!

Water heater

It’s tankless, as you can see, and we are really geeked to have it. It is a huge amount more efficient than our previous tank style, and it takes up a lot less space. It also doesn’t have the janky vent going through the wall into the other room and out the fireplace chimney, which was a big concern for me. We’d like to finish that room eventually and having a big hot-to-the-touch vent is not a thing that should be in such a room (or anywhere, really). Next we’ll be having a new furnace installed with central air. I am super geeked for that! I think that will be our last mega huge project for now and I’m excited to be done with major things. Weekendy DIY projects are way more my speed.


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