Middie dreaming

So I’ve been considering getting another Blythe at some point for quite awhile, but I still haven’t decided which one I’d like. And lately, I’ve been noticing that it would be nice to have a second Middie so I could have two in the same photograph at the same time. I’m not sure which one I’d want yet, but the three that have risen to the top of my interest are:

Yellow Marshmallow
Yellow Marshmallow

I like her bobbed hair – one of the shortest hairstyles of any stock Middie, I think, possibly with the exception of Jackie Ramone, who I already have.

Little Lily Brown
Little Lily Brown

Guess what? I’m also drawn to this doll’s shorter hairstyle. I’m just not feeling the knee- or floor-length hair right now.

and lastly, Lena Elena
Lena Elena

Her hair is on the longer side but there’s something about her that I like.

So, which one is your favorite? Anyone have one or more of these and care to share an opinion?


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