review: Paradise and Plenty

Paradise and Plenty

Paradise and Plenty: A Rothschild Family Garden by Mary Keen

This garden is part of the Rothschild family estate at Waddesdon in England, and this book focuses on various aspects that make this garden special. Historical information about and photos of the family are included, but most of the book is dedicated to the gardens at present. Details are provided about the various sections of the garden and to the plants in each of those sections. Soil preparation, staking, and other techniques are also outlined and everything is accompanied by large detailed photos (most in color but some in greyscale where it’s useful). Several gatefold double-page spread photos are included to provide wider views of some garden spaces. This book is unusual in that it provides both practical step-by-step instructions for techniques like propagation as well as large, beautiful photographs at home in a coffee table book. Appendixes provide complete lists of the plants featured here.

full disclosure: I borrowed this book from the Grosse Pointe Public Library through the awesome MeLCat ILL system


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