What or who is Blythe?

She is a collectible doll with large, changeable eyes. She might be creepy, depending on your taste. She was originally marketed by Kenner in the United States in the early 1970s, but failed to gain popularity. It was about thirty years later that she was resurrected by the Japanese toy company Takara and became a popular collectible.

My Blythes:

5/52: Dahlia modeling a new AnneArchy dress

Dahlia, stock Mademoiselle Rosebud (MRB)


32/52: Willow in the Wintercreeper jungle

Willow, stock Prima Dolly Ashlette (PD1A)



Ash, @snozzberry custom mohair reroot Prima Dolly Adorable Aubrey Encore (PD2Ae)


Ellis in the Wild Cherry Hat

Ellis, slight custom Rainy Day Parade (RDP)



Maude, ThriftyDoll slight custom Middie Jackie Ramone


Foxglove Sweater for Petite Blythe

Daisy, Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop Petite Playfully Plaid