cool, cool summer

It has been a super hot summer this year! We have been running the three room AC units we inherited with the house a lot more often than I’d like. However, now we don’t have to anymore!

furnace comparison

Woo! It’s a new furnace with central air! You can see the comparison here of old on the left, new on the right. It’s a much more dramatic change in person, but you can definitely see that the new unit extends less far out toward the right of these photos. It also has a much better air filter (designed for people with allergies like me) and a working humidifier. It’s also way quieter and of course loads more efficient. Hooray! This is our last huge house project for now and I’m so glad to have it done with. I would much rather work on smaller DIY projects ourselves (and not be paying huge amounts for these big ticket items).