MVP: Alyssum

My MVP for this year’s garden is 100% the Sweet Alyssum I sowed from last year’s dollar store clearance seeds.

Garage as viewed from upstairs #FireflyCottage #garden

As you can see, it’s filled in a large amount of space around the garage, keeping weeds out for the most part and looking lovely at the same time. And the area on the left, where there isn’t any Alyssum? That’s because I didn’t get that area cleared out until later and didn’t seed any there. And on the right side of the garage it SUPER filled in around the hostas.

Garage surrounding garden

It’s perfect and I really hope to either save some seeds or that it will self-sow and come back next year. I love that it required pretty much zero work from me – I just scattered seeds and then kept it watered, mostly, and it thrived! I’ve struck out so far with finding end of season seeds on clearance this year, but I’m still keeping my eye out. If you see any, let me know what store!


jawin’ about garden beds

We braved the heat this weekend (sort of) and did some garden work each morning before it got too horrible outside. We made it an hour or two each morning, which felt like a real accomplishment considering the temperatures and the complete lack of any breeze whatsoever. We did completely remove grass from two areas, and while that wasn’t as much as I’d hoped to get done, it was fine.

Garage garden bed

One area is on the right side of the garage. There is already this Spirea here and a bunch of daylilies, but I want to extend the garden to fill this space.

Garage garden bed

The second area is connected and runs around the side of the garage. This area was a little easier to work with because we had just seeded it last year after removing the decrepit shed that used to sit up against this side of the garage, so the grass wasn’t as well established. In addition to grass, though, we found some other things!

Jaw bones from the garden #FireflyCottage

Three separate pieces of jaw bone! We are guessing that they’re from an opossum (or more than one?). Maybe it crawled under the shed and died at some point? Maybe it was living under the shed and was killed with poison? Who knows! If anyone can confirm that these bones are from an opossum, I’d love to know for sure.

After digging up the grass, I transplanted some hostas from their temporary home on the other side of the house (gifts from my mom when she was dividing her hostas last year – thanks, Mom!). I plan to let them spread out and form a sort of hosta hedge here, and add some taller perennial flowering plants as well (maybe some milkweed, which we already have on the other side of the garage). I also seeded the blank spaces all around here with a mixture of annual seeds that I picked up last year when Dollar General was clearance-ing out their seeds. Who knows what will grow, but hopefully we’ll have a mix of Candytuft, Moss Rose, and Alyssum. Hopefully next weekend will be less wretched and I can get the grass cleared out of the other side.