Things are going pretty well in the Firefly Cottage gardens overall. The flowers and ornamentals I sowed and planted are really doing quite well – I’m so happy that so many of the Dollar Store clearance bin seeds from last year germinated.

I haven’t grown Zinnias before and I love them! Pollinators seem to love them, too, and I’m hoping to be able to save seeds for next year.
Gardens at Firefly Cottage
So many of them remind me of ladies’ hats from yore.

The Cosmos have also been growing really exuberantly – some of these are almost as tall as I am!
Gardens at Firefly Cottage

This is Celosia, which I haven’t grown before:
Gardens at Firefly Cottage
I actually think I weeded some of this when it was young because it looked weedy and I couldn’t identify it! D’oh! At this stage, you can so tell it’s related to Amaranth, can’t you?

I also planted a bunch of seeds around the house and the Petunias have been really going to town:
Gardens at Firefly Cottage
I am usually not a huge fan of these annuals – I like perennials since they just keep on going and require so much less from me – BUT I am seeing so many pollinators that I think I may change my attitude.

In the raised bed, I have had a powdery mildew issue. I have been almost entirely ignoring this garden except to pick the occasional cucumber, though, so I guess I can’t complain.
Gardens at Firefly Cottage

I do have two sizeable pumpkins growing, though, so maybe the powdery mildew isn’t such a big deal?
Raised bed garden
I wonder if they’ll turn out okay!

I sowed marigold seeds all around the perimeter of this bed and some of them are huge!
Gardens at Firefly Cottage
This one is easily over four feet tall! Most of the rest are somewhere between one and two feet tall.

Lastly for now, I also threw down some dill seeds on the north side of the garage and there are a few sprouts:
I just love the smell of dill, don’t you?