Anchors Aweigh!

Anchors Aweigh Sweater for Blythe

Ahoy! Fashion above deck! This three-quarter length sleeve sweater for Blythe is nautical-inspired but fashionable in any situation. It has a narrow stripe and roll neck and is a classic style. I originally designed this back in 2011 for a swap and recently found my pattern notes and made it again, so here it is!

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Batty for Bat Sweaters

Batty Sweater

Last Halloween I participated in a swap and made one of these sweaters for my swap partner. Bats are one of my favorite Halloween icons and I wanted this one to be mostly on the creepy side but maybe just a tad cute as well. This pattern is written and charted, so you can use whichever format you prefer!

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Hannah Sweater for Blythe

Hannah Abbott is a not-super-well-developed character in the Harry Potter series, but she IS a Hufflepuff and thus seems worthy of inspiring this sweater. This sweater is empire style with a fitted bodice that fits Blythe perfectly. It has a two-color star pattern that is sweet without being overly fussy.

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free pattern: Vena Scarf for Blythe

Vena Scarf for Blythe

It’s another free pattern! Knit yourself a custom-length scarf for Blythe. This is great TV knitting – just cast on and let your mind focus on whatever you’re watching and this scarf will be complete before you know it. It’s seamless and simple! You can embellish it if you wish or leave it as knit for an elegant minimalist look.

Cuddle up with this free pattern at Craftsy, Ravelry, and LoveKnitting.


la la la Lulu

Lulu Hat for Blythe

Looking for a sleek hat for Blythe? This one will fit the bill! It’s designed with negative ease, meaning that it is slightly smaller than Blythe’s head until you stretch it just a little bit. Then it fits with perfection, offering a lovely snug fit. If you have a Blythe with shorter hair and want something to hold it in place after doing a hair treatment (so it will dry just as you wish), this will work very well! It’s also just super cute for any Blythe. Very simple to make with only two ends to weave in – no seaming!

Grab this hat pattern at LoveKnitting, Craftsy, Ravelry, and Etsy.


Sandy’s the name, if you please

Sandy Dress for Blythe

Is your Blythe a little bit old-fashioned? Does she prefer the classic looks? This sweater dress is inspired by her aesthetic! Like almost all my patterns, it is knit all in one piece, the body flat and the sleeves in the round. There’s no seaming at all! You just weave in ends, sew on a snap in the back, and you’re done. It’s got a high neck that fits Blythe perfectly and a cabled bodice, which is ever-so-slightly high-waisted. Then there’s a ribbed waistline and an A-line skirt, giving the dress a time-honored look that just might be perfect with a petticoat underneath or a pair of high boots.

Find the Sandy Dress for Blythe pattern at Etsy, Ravelry, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting.


free pattern! Pussy Hat for Blythe

Smash the patriarchy!

Pussy Hat for Blythe

Blythe can show her feminism loud and proud with this super cute hat that makes a statement. The March in Washington showed the power of this movement and it doesn’t have to stop there! Keep it going with Blythe! Also fun for cat lovers and cosplay!

Grab this pussy hat pattern for free on Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.