Happy Scrabble-versary!

My lovely sister and her husband recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. My lovely husband and I had an idea for a neat gift for them, which turned out even better than we anticipated.

Anniversary Scrabble gift

Both of them are big fans of Scrabble and are among the most aggressive/skilled Scrabble players you’re likely to meet, so we felt that a Scrabble themed gift would be perfect! I acquired a basic Scrabble game online and picked up a shadowbox frame at Joann. A little E-6000 and drying time later, it was done! K gets the credit for doing almost all the work on this project. He’s just so good at precise layout projects like this one.

Anniversary Scrabble gift

I’m so pleased with it! I think it will be a lovely thing to be displayed in their home and will hopefully bring good thoughts and memories with it. Happy Anniversary, Susan and David!



It was my and K’s sixth anniversary earlier this month, and though we are not super romantic-y, I commissioned Scrapbecca (who doesn’t have a shop right now but should because she makes the most awesome stuff!) to make a card for him. She came up with this absolutely perfect design. If you can’t tell from the photo, it’s 3D and very carefully made. It’s a tattoo motif which I love, and even has sparrows, which are one of my favorites! Just perfect.

Anniversary card by Scrapbecca

I also recently received this totally kickass card from my partner in crime Lisa:

Gnome Liberation Front card I received

It’s from Chicalookate’s shop (go, Team Librarian!) and I adore it, of course. How could you not?