WIP Wednesday: more background

I carved out a little more time this past weekend to work on my current art quilt. I pieced together the ground section, which I did in a log cabin-ish type of pattern (truth: I haven’t actually ever followed a pattern to make a log cabin quilt! I’ve just admired photos and looked at patterns in books). I generally do most of my quilting by the seat of my pants – whatever feels like it’ll work, I’ll try.

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

Here’s the start, at the center, of the ground section.

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

And the back view. Isn’t that just pleasing to look at? Maybe I’m the only one who loves to see the underside of quilting when it looks so tidy?

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

After piecing together the entire ground section, I added blue to the sky, clouds, and put the ground and sky sections together.

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

Most of the photos I’ve used for reference have clouds at the point where the sky turns from sunset colors to blue, and I think it works really nicely.

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

I’m going for a frayed-y look around the edges of the clouds, so I removed some threads where it was easy to do so. These edges will also get more frayed-y looking as I work with the quilt top. So far so good! Now I really need to figure out what I’m doing with the figure(s) so I can work on that this coming weekend.


Veg bed plans for 2011

Okay! As promised, here are my plans for the veg beds this year. I saw a post the other day that recommended a (new?) site called Olioboard for putting together garden beds. I tried it and it works pretty well. It was easy to use and worked like I expected it would – and it’s free!

This is the first raised bed (the one that lives on the left side of the back garden):

Raised Bed - left - plan 2011From back to front, left to right, we have:

True Gold Sweet Corn (all the way across)

Emerald Giant Sweet Pepper x2   Anaheim Hot PepperPurple Beauty Sweet Pepper x2

Rocky Top Lettuce Mix .      Iceberg Lettuce .     Bloomsdale Spinach .    Calabrese Broccoli


I’m hoping that I haven’t squished too much into the bed – I have definitely done that before. I think I’m okay on this one, though. The bed is approximately 8’x4′ (I think), and I think I’ve allowed for enough room. Not entirely sure I’ve done that on this next one, which lives on the right side of the back garden:

Raised Bed - right - plan 2011Here we have, from back to front, left to right:

Tom Thumb Popcorn (across half)                     Strawberry Popcorn (across the other half)

Early Russian Cucumber .          Chadwick Cherry Tomato .        Marketmore 76 Cucumber

.                                   Mule Team Tomato .                Brandywine Tomato

Atomic Red Carrot (across half)                                  Muscade Carrot (across the other half)


I think this will be not too crowded, as long as I keep the tomato and cucumber vines in check. I also have the long veg bed along the fence. I’m switching up the spots where I’ve grown some of the same stuff in past years, so no part of the soil gets drained of something that a particular plant really likes. Here’s the long bed along the fence:

long fence veg bed - plan 2011The left column, which will be on the fence side of this bed, has, from top to bottom:

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

Contender Bush Beans

Blue Lake Bush Beans

Fin de Bagnol Beans


The right side column has, from top to bottom:

Black Beauty Zucchini

Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Early Prolific Straightneck Squash

Charentais Melon

Oxheart Tomato

Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

Buttercup Squash

Zucchini Cocozelle


I just threw these into this plan, no reason for the order, because they all get the same relative amount of sun and nothing will be shading them, and I’m not sure if there’s any benefit to growing them in a particular order. Hints and tips appreciated, if anyone has any.

So that’s the plan! Roughly, anyway. I’ll also be planting some pretty red lettuce and cabbage in the front garden, hopefully, although last year I tried that and they never came to much. Here’s hoping they’ll turn out better this year. I’m going to make an updated map of the front garden using this software – keep an eye out for that here soon.