Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin A friend of ours gave us the heads-up today that there was an advance screening of Ninja Assassin at the Emagine Novi tonight, so we printed up some tickets and headed over. I hadn’t really heard anything about this movie but I was quite pleasantly surprised.

The movie starts off quietly with a scene that could come out of any martial arts flick, but very suddenly the violence cuts in and it’s ON. There’s no shortage of blood and guts and the style of editing is edgy, jumpy, and as frenetic as the ninjas themselves. Sometimes the action moves so quickly you can’t even tell what’s happening, and then it slows down dramatically so you can savor the ridiculous, gratuitous, awesome violence money shot.

The primary ninja is portrayed by Korean pop-star and Colbert nemesis Rain. He’s ripped as all get-out and one of his main talents seems to be glaring through wet bangs, but he is pretty convincing as a warped rogue ninja bent on destroying the bastards who raised him to be such a monster.

I’d definitely pay to see this movie and I recommend it for all martial arts fans and those who enjoy over the top action.


Coraline success

My Halloween costume turned out just as well as I’d hoped!

Anne and Coraline comparison

My big thanks to Sarah for sending me these awesome socks, which were absolutely perfect!

Anne as Coraline

I also owe thanks to K, who created the key you see hanging around my neck in the photo above and for helping me attach the sparklies to the dragonfly hairclip you see in the photo below.

Anne as Coraline

Coraline's key

This was the least sewing I’ve done on a costume in years – the only sewing I needed to do was to hem the raincoat to the right length (it was pretty huge! I could totally have ordered a small but didn’t think about that until I got the medium). I’m happy to report that the kids who saw me knew just who I was, though many of my coworkers were sadly in the dark.

More photos on Flickr.


The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques

The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques

Knitting guidebooks like The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques by Margaret Radcliffe are few and far between. It includes excellently written, clear instructions and swatches that accurately illustrate the techniques described. Radcliffe even includes images of the back of many swatches, which is very helpful for many of these somewhat complicated (at least at first glance) techniques.

I’ve hardly ever seen such clear explanations of the details of and differences between things including stranded knitting, intarsia, entrelac, fair isle, and many, many more. She goes into detail about color combinations and variegated yarns, among other topics.

This is definitely one for any knitter’s home reference library. Highly recommended.


Coraline 3D


Last night we saw Coraline in 3D and I highly recommend it. I haven’t seen many 3D movies but those I have were all regular movies with 3D gimmicks or gags. Coraline is a movie truly designed to be 3D – it was filmed that way – and so it works as a whole; the 3D effects don’t take you out of the experience.

As always, the movie’s storyline has been changed somewhat from the book, but in this case the movie works well as its own entity. In addition to the strength of the movie itself, the work that went into making such a beautiful creation is beyond impressive. The knitting alone is a marvel, and that’s not even touching the stop motion process.

The 3D version is only in theaters for a few weeks, so make sure you get there before it’s gone!


Librarian Beat

So, you’re a librarian. You’re a grown-up, but you haven’t lost your passion for quizzes, hot dudes, and interviews with hot dudes. Where can you turn for all of this and more? Librarian Beat!

Librarian Beat

So far they’ve got a totally now Hot/Not list, February horoscopes (“Beauty tip: Mixing more than two argyle items in one outfit is only for experts!” How can you go wrong with that kind of advice?!), and some time well spent with Man of the Month James Kennedy.

Check it totally out!



Check this out!

Machine embroidery Nevermore

Sweet craft site Urban Threads has several Nevermore designs available FOR FREE during January to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s 20oth birthday. For free!! I love the machine embroidery design above, but I don’t have a machine that does that.

Hand embroidery Nevermore

The hand embroidery pattern is pretty damn cool, too, although I don’t know how to do embroidery by hand, either. I’m usually not a big fan of framed embroidery hanging on the wall (most of it is too twee for my taste) but I would absolutely hang either of these with pride.

via Craftzine